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Harvard University states that over one million whiplash injuries occur every year often due to car accidents

Car accident injury

Whiplash Accident Injuries can leave you devastated. Get the facts about whiplash here!

Whiplash is defined as:  The sudden transfer of energy that causes the structures of your neck to abruptly straighten and bend beyond their normal range of motion, potentially resulting in an injury. A car accident is the most common scenario.

-Harvard University 2019

You likely have whiplash if:

-You were involved in ANY kind of car accident at ANY speed
-A sudden or gradual onset of neck pain, back pain, arm pain, leg pain or headache occurred following an accident
-Any degree of muscle spasm is being felt following ANY type of car accident


1. Seat belts and car seats unfortunately don’t provide ideal support for a driver OR passenger. Note: Not being aware of an oncoming impact makes whiplash WORSE since the muscles don’t flex to protect the spine

2. The key body part that is injured is called a LIGAMENT. The ligament acts like stiff plastic and holds the bones of the spine together. Here you can see the ligaments that surround the bones. 

3. Impact from the front, back or side causes a sudden motion creating a force that goes beyond the protective strength of the ligament.

4. The ligament is damaged resulting in whiplash. This creates a NEED for muscle spasm to protect the now UNSTABLE bones of the spine

Diagnosis (Do you have whiplash for sure?)

Immediately following an injury, the body secretes things like ADRENALIN so that you don’t feel pain right away. Many people feel “ok” following an accident.

  • Whiplash Symptoms after a Car Accident can vary in their strength and pain level.

Ambulance drivers or Emergency Room workers may examine you and determine that your injuries are not life-threatening and send you home to rest with something to help with pain or muscle spasm.

Unfortunately, this is where diagnosing whiplash is most often missed leading to long-term problems.

Getting the Right Diagnosis

There are special tests that can tell if you have whiplash and ligament damage but these types of tests are not typically done in Emergency Rooms or at family doctor’s offices. These special diagnostics include:

-Motion X-ray studies

-MRI ligament studies

Note: getting the correct diagnosis using the right specialty diagnostics can protect your legal rights and help you get the treatment you may need.

Whiplash Treatment

There are numerous ways of treating whiplash symptoms such as:

-Medication (Many are addictive!)

-Physical Therapy

-Pain Management such as spinal injections

-Stopping activities and resting in bed

-Traditional Chiropractic Care

-Specific Chiropractic Care using a gentle instrument-only approach.

Safe Treatment for Whiplash

One of the safest and most effective treatments is Chiropractic Care done using the Activator device. The Activator device delivers a soft but PRECISE force into misaligned joints of the spine injured by whiplash. The Activator Method is the most researched Chiropractic Technique and is the most preferred method of handling whiplash injuries. Back to Health Chiropractic Center in Troy, Michigan offers the Activator Method and locates Activator Trained doctors for anyone in need throughout the United States and Canada. 

Duration of Treatment

Though the initial pain and muscle spasm associated with whiplash can subside over a few weeks, the actual treatment of true whiplash can take months, a year or more.

Getting the correct diagnosis is crucial in determining how much care is needed to heal.

Outcomes of Treatment

Treatment outcomes depend on getting the right diagnosis and the right, safe treatment as soon as possible following an accident. The health care industry standard Croft Guidelines indicate that the minimum time for healing is 10 weeks and can extend to a year or more.

Getting Back to Your Normal Activities

Be cautious! If whiplash injuries are aggravated, further scar tissue can form creating chronic pain and a likelihood of recurrence. Rely on your specially trained doctor to tell you when you are well enough to return to full activities. Pain is the last thing to show up when there is a problem and it is the first thing to go away. Don’t just use pain as an indicator of whether or not you are in good enough shape to return to 100% of your activities. Use specialty diagnostic test results to determine if its safe to exert yourself.

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