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Dr. Daniel Farkas

Born August 28, 1975, Dr. Daniel Farkas is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He attended Life University of Marietta, Georgia and graduated on the Dean’s List with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. When not serving Chiropractic, Dr. Farkas spends his time working with and for his favorite local charities such as Society for Peace and his non-profit fitness center called “Innergetics.”

“I am fortunate to have found that the key to peace and success is service to others. By deciding to take care of people and patients that need my help, I am able to embrace the true rewards life has to offer.”

Dr. Farkas is also an avid recruiter for his alma mater Life University. “Recruiting young minds for service in the field of Chiropractic is of paramount importance. There is a dire shortage of Chiropractors properly trained in the delivery and communication of Chiropractic. I feel that all practicing doctors owe it to the world to encourage the growth and development of our natural healing profession.”

Dr. Farkas discovered Chiropractic after he was injured at the age of 20 and was unable to walk for over 30 days. “I was scared! I thought life was over for me but then I called a distant relative of mine who happened to be a Chiropractor. I was literally carried into his office. He examined and adjusted me and I walked out. I was amazed and I asked him how I could develop this type of healing power. He invited me to apply to the school and the rest is history.”

Dr. Farkas developed Back to Health Chiropractic Center out of a need for the health of the Troy area. “I want Troy to be known as the healthiest city in the country. If we are to become the healthiest city in the country, we need to increase the overall physical, social and spiritual well-being of the people living here and now. I believe that with effective, natural health care being utilized by the people where we live, we can overcome any challenges placed on us. Without health, there can never be wealth. Health is the most valuable thing there is and I am pleased and grateful to be able to offer a Wellness Center that delivers.”