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“Spinal Rejuvenation” also known as Spinal Decompression

The difference is simple: our plans include a spinal rejuvenation program not offered by anyone in this entire region. The rejuvenation plan includes:

  1. Spinal Rejuvenation treatment using the patented Pettibon Spinal Decompression table.
  2. In-office rehabilitation designed to hold the spine in a decompressed state.
  3. A thorough home rehab program that allows you to improve yourself at home at your convenience.
  4. Specific nutrition to rebuild damaged tissues.

When correction to the damaged area of the spine is obtained, the longest-lasting effects can be experienced.
Our goal is to train you how to care for yourself for the rest of your life!

Please watch the video from the Toronto Spine Clinic below to learn how Spinal Rejuvenation works..