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Auto Accident Therapy

  1. Avoid crippling Scar Tissue. This is the big one. Even if you “got checked out” by an ambulance driver or an emergency room worker you should seek further evaluation. This is typically what you will be instructed to do because emergency healthcare workers know that the long-term effects of auto accidents are often worse than the initial complaints. The pain-numbing adrenaline that gets released to protect you from pain during an accident can last for many hours. A lot of people “feel ok” initially but end up with chronic pain and disability due to injuries that were never evaluated or treated properly. Emergency healthcare workers do the important job of keeping you from dying but that’s it. You must seek special evaluation and treatment following any trauma and here’s why: the formation of scar tissue that heals the tiny damaged muscle, tendon and ligament fibers begins IMMEDIATELY following trauma. Within hours a single layer of scar tissue has already formed. What accompanies the healing process is muscle spasm. Muscle spasm is very important as it acts like a brace to hold things still while the scar tissue is being laid down to repair the damage that can occur at even a combined vehicle speed of only 8 miles per hour! Steady muscle spasm and the laying down of scar tissue leads to a long-term loss of flexibility, normal range of motion and causes CHRONIC PAIN and faster DEGENERATION. This may not show up for weeks, months or even years following a trauma. Many people with chronic pain requiring surgery had a prior trauma and “felt ok” or were “just stiff and sore” following their trauma even though the were “checked out” by an emergency healthcare provider. Again, getting evaluated right away by a healthcare professional trained to examine, properly diagnose and treat trauma injuries is critical.
  2. Your claim can be closed. Time is not on your side. Insurance companies handle thousands of claims sometimes daily and their job is to be efficient. If they don’t understand that your injuries need further attention they have no reason to keep your claim open so that you can receive evaluation and treatment. Many states have a rule stating that you have one year to file a claim but waiting can create a difficult situation. The fact is, hurt people go to a doctor. Hard-working, responsible people oftentimes just want to get back to work and their regular lives. Sometimes they will just deal with increasing pain until it finally stops them cold. This delay in evaluation and treatment can trigger the early closing of your claim and hinder your ability to get the specialty care you might need beyond what your ordinary health insurance might cover.
  3. You can be stuck with ordinary doctors and not specialists. Before you become just another one of the millions of chronic pain cases, you likely need to seek special evaluation and possibly treatment from specialty doctors and therapists. Healthcare providers specialize in different fields and it is ideal for you to see a trauma-trained provider BEFORE chronic pain sets in. Remember, years of scar tissue and muscle spasm can equal permanent problems that trauma-trained healthcare workers can no longer help. This can push you into a “chronic pain” status requiring constant and expensive pain management which can lead to addiction. If you want to get evaluated by an experienced healthcare provider with the skills necessary to properly assess your condition you can contact the office called Back to Health in Troy, Michigan. No matter where you live, they will find you a trained provider that can evaluate and treat you properly so that you can live your life the way you intended. Feel free to contact the office of Dr. Daniel Farkas at Back to Health for any kind of auto accident, work accident, on-the-job accident or recreational accident and we will help you get Back to Health. -Dr. Daniel Farkas, DC, CFMP practices in Troy, Michigan, he welcomes questions and can be found at

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