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What To Do If You Don't Vaccinate Your Child And You Live Around Troy, MI

The vaccine issue is getting confusing.

Should you vaccinate or not? Will you get in trouble if you don’t? What are the alternatives?

I will tell you what I did. So you know, I am a Chiropractor and a father of two boys ages 2 and 13. I am going to tell you exactly how I handle my entire family’s health.

I don’t vaccinate my own children, nor do I vaccinate myself or my wife, and she is a Registered Nurse!

First of all, in Michigan, you still have a choice whether or not you want to vaccinate your kids. Here is link to the waiver form.

If you decide not to vaccinate, you should do the best things available to maximize how their immune systems actually work and thrive. In order to understand the immune system, you need to know its parts. The proper name for the immune system is the “Neuro-Immune System.” This is composed of the brain, spinal cord and nerves as well as the glands of the immune system. The brain, spinal cord and nerves make up the Nervous System which is the “Neuro” part of the Neuro-Immune System. The Nervous System controls the glands of the Immune System that create the cells that attack and kill foreign invaders that cause disease.

The best way to maximize the function of the Neuro-Immune System is to be sure that it is functioning at 100% of its potential without interference. Interference occurs when there is any type of pressure on the nerves that serve as the wire communication system of the Nervous System. Most often, the nerves get pinched when the spine falls out of normal alignment and the hard bony spinal bones twist and pinch the nerves as they exit the protection of the spine and head towards the glands of the Immune System.

Want to know how I keep my family healthy? I use regular Chiropractic Care on myself and my entire family. Even the baby received care right after the stress of being born… I wasn’t taking any chances.

Chiropractors “adjust” the spine back into place gently in order to maximize how ALL of the systems of the body work. It isn’t something that is just done once but is done regularly over our lifetimes just like teeth brushing for dental health.

There it is…. that’s what I do.

Guess what? My kids are EXTREMELY healthy and take zero prescriptions drugs.

Chiropractic is safe for newborns and adults. If you want to keep your kids away from drugs, vaccines and their DEADLY side effects then you should find a Chiropractor that sees families. If you are in or around Troy, MI. then call Back to Health Chiropractic Center. If you live far away, call us and we will locate a trusted source for Chiropractic near you.

So you know, I have been a Chiropractor for over 10 years and I have seen first-hand the damage that vaccines do. Did you know that the U.S. government has paid out 3.6 billion dollars of YOUR tax money to the families of vaccine injured adults and children?

Again, that’s $3,600,000,000.00.

Do you trust these products? I put my trust in the Innate healing power that ALREADY exists in every person’s body before I trust science and the profit driving it today.

If you think like I do, then join me on the path to true, natural health for a lifetime. I am glad to be able to share this with you. If you or someone you know is contemplating this same difficult issue, be sure to have them read this. You never know how much what you do can impact and save lives.