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Spinal Rejuvenation

Drug-free treatment for back pain, neck pain and arthritis sufferers in and around Troy, Michigan? It is a reality!
Bad posture and movement disorders in the spine cause a massive demand for dangerous, addictive drugs and frightening surgeries. Rejuvenation sounds a lot more pleasant. It makes sense to revitalize old dried up and damaged tissues instead of throwing them away. The “Spinal Rejuvenation Success Program” in Troy at “Back to Health” is quite a promising and desirable alternative.

It all starts with staying within the rules of how the body actually heals… it is like growing a garden. Once you bring back the ESSENTIAL ingredients for a healthy spine, great things start to happen.

Rejuvenation of the spine actually entails a restoration of the normal shape of the spine since breakdown is always caused by a trauma and/or long-term misalignment. Also, the compressed and diseased areas of the spine must be uncompressed. It is a simple idea that has been tough to execute until recent times. The idea of using traction for decompression of the human spine has been around for a long time but it wasn’t until recent years that “Whole Body Vibration” was added to decompression treatments. This is an absolute breakthrough in treatment of arthritis and herniated discs, bulging discs, some failed back surgeries and conditions resistant to drug therapy.

Bringing a spine back to life is like restoring an old rusty truck from a junkyard. With the right attention and the right intention, the good old days can be revisited as long as you stay within the rules of how healthy things function.

If you want to get back to good and even reach for “great”, have a careful look at Spinal Rejuvenation. It has brought so much hope to people desperately in need of answers. To your health…