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Preventing Diseases with Healthier Oils

There is a lot of talk about oils used in food and how they relate to heart health. Remember, your heart is a pump that pumps blood to keep you alive. If it gets clogged up, it stops working. For some time now, it has been popularized that fat and cholesterol clog up your heart. Good news! Fat and cholesterol are helpful, necessary and important ingredients in your body that don’t clog up your heart. Here’s how your heart gets clogged: bad oils turn normal cholesterol into sludge that clogs your heart and its plumbing system called the arteries. Learn more about preventing diseases with healthier oils through Back to Health Chiropractic, Troy.

Classification of Oils:

So, what are the bad oils? Basically all of them. Vegetable oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated oil, canola oil, palm oil… these all turn healthy cholesterol into sludge.

You may ask, then what are the good oils in preventing diseases? The popular healthy oils are:

Organic coconut oil
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Coconut oil

Use coconut oil like butter. Coconut oil can be used to cook with at high temperatures. Extra virgin olive oil is very healthy but should only be heated to low temperatures otherwise it becomes a bad oil. Sounds simple right? So, why are the bad oils present in virtually every prepared and packaged food out there? The answer is that the bad oils preserve food and give it a desirable consistency and texture that lasts. The bad oils are of course much cheaper as well.

How to Choose your Oils Wisely:

Choose your oils wisely in preventing diseases. Read the back of any package and you will see bad oils present everywhere. Take care of your heart and all of your organs for that matter. Remember, the best way to keep all of your organs functioning properly is to have your spine checked regularly by an experienced Chiropractor. This is done to eliminate the pressure from misaligned spinal bones that pinch nerves causing organs and systems to “short-circuit.” This short-circuit is called a “Subluxation.” Real Chiropractors detect and correct subluxations. If you love your heart and someone else does too, get your spine checked right away and dodge the bad oils as well. That’s what we lovingly do at Back to Health Chiropractic Center.