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Healthy Posture = Healthy Thyroid

-Doctors determine a major cause of Thyroid Dysfunction.

A group of Doctors near Troy, Michigan have released information to their clients regarding the origin of Thyroid Dysfunction. Dr. Daniel Farkas says, “This is breakthrough information that the public direly needs to know right away. It comes from an age-old concept that is now changing how we address Thyroid problems.”

The concept is an idea that originated in 1924 with the Winsor Autopsy Studies. These autopsies indicated that degenerated spines actually caused degenerated organs. This study showed the relationship between a specifically degenerated area of the spine whose nerve roots directly supply communication from the brain to specific organs. What this means is that, since the brain uses the spinal cord and nerves to communicate with the organs such as the Thyroid, long term misalignment and spinal decay corresponding DIRECTLY with organ decay was present.

Think of it like this: if the wires going between your DVD player and your television rust out and decay, the television won’t be able to function properly and show the movie you are trying to play. In this instance, the brain is like the DVD player that is sending information to the Thyroid. No communication= no movie. No communication from the brain to the Thyroid= a malfunctioning Thyroid.

Since the nerve roots that leave the bones of the neck and go to the Thyroid are put under direct pressure when bad posture is present, it is profoundly important to maintain the integrity of the Cervical Spine. The best approach to maintaining proper alignment and posture of the Cervical Spine is to routinely assess and correct any problem areas. Of course, this area of expertise falls into the field of a Chiropractor. Though Chiropractors are commonly found to help headaches, neck pain and low back pain, it has become clear that the same approach they use for those problems should be applied for the PREVENTION and drug-free treatment of Thyroid issues.

Be sure to search out a Doctor of Chiropractic that has experience with this approach. It is certainly more attractive than toxic, medical intervention that produces unwanted side-effects.