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5 Essentials of Health and Wellness

Regarding the 5 Essentials of Health and Wellness from Dr. Farkas…“Please use this information as a basic platform for decision making but be sure to have your spine checked regularly by a qualified, Wellness-based Chiropractor or you won’t get the full benefits for your effort. Having this type of on-going relationship with your Wellness provider will insure that you have consistent and up-to-date Wellness and Nutrition strategies that work. Don’t skip this, there’s simply no substitution for it.”


It’s simple: give your body what it is essential to optimum function and remove things that toxify it.

Essentials Of Health and Wellness are:

  1. Air. Oxygen is essential to life as we all know. Daily low-impact, sustained aerobic exercise gets essential oxygen into tissues that require oxygen for normal function. Cancer hates oxygen and can’t thrive in the presence of oxygen.
  2.  Water. Clean water is essential to normal body function. Water is the transportation system for getting good things in to the body and for getting bad things out of the body. We are composed of 70% water. Virtually all inflammatory type problems (arthritis, colitis etc.) begin due to a dehydrated body. You must drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day minimally. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you must consume 100 ounces per day. Pop, juice and coffee don’t count.
  3. Food. This entails food that provides the things the body needs to function normally. This also pertains to avoiding toxins. Choosing the best food gratefully consists of big Choice and not big money or even big change. This means that by being aware of tasty options, we have a better chance of avoiding the avoidable foods that not only get us fat but actually produce diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Forget the Food Pyramid and forget the marketing you have been exposed to regarding what is “healthy.” Simply do the following:


Eliminate all oils except what is listed below. Processed oils cause diabetes and cancer. They create massive inflammation in your body, they transform normal healthy cholesterol into sludge that plugs your arteries and have been outlawed in many countries. Corn oil, Canola oil, Cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, margarine, safflower oil, ANYTHING Hydrolyzed or hydrogenated… these are all poisonous. Read any standard packaged food and it will contain some type of toxic oil.

Sugar is added to everything. Sugar tastes good. Cancer loves sugar. Sugar causes inflammation that leads to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  All grains become sugar seconds after they contact your saliva. Only sprouted grains should be consumed and this should be sparingly. Use fat as your energy source.

Avoid virtually all fruits, they are just sugar and aren’t essential. Even naturally occurring sugar should be consumed VERY sparingly. This comes from:

-Berries and green Granny Smith Apples. Replace sugar that you add to your food with either Stevia, Xylitol and local organic honey.

Avoid all soy products.

Avoid anything with any ingredient other than the food advertised on the package. For example, the peanut butter you choose should include only peanuts.

ADD: High quality fats and saturated fats. Remember the 1980’s and all the talk of low-fat diets? Remember learning that a diet high in fat causes heart disease somehow? Good news, diets high in quality fats actually make you LOSE weight and diets high in quality fat not only contain very tasty choices but they actually lower the risk for cancer/diabetes. High quality saturated fats actually are essential to reversing Cancer and Diabetes.

These fats are:

-Organic Coconut oil: Coconut oil can be enjoyed and used very liberally at any temperature. Use this just like butter. Don’t worry, everything won’t taste like coconuts.

IMPORTANT: Only Coconut oil should be used for cooking at high temperatures. Don’t use any other oil or the molecules will be transformed into a disease-causing substance.

-Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This can be used at medium to low temperatures. It is best used as a salad dressing and can be used liberally.

-Grass-Fed Organic meats: These are the tastiest of all meats. Look at a specialty store like Whole Foods for these. They can be consumed liberally.

-Wild caught salmon. Avoid farm-raised.

-Raw nuts.

-Leafy green vegetables such as kale or spinach should be liquefied in a food processor and consumed liberally. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste bad, mix it with protein powder, Coconut Oil and blueberries. That’s a great breakfast.

-Himalayan Rock Salt. This can be used liberally as a permanent replacement for table salt.

  1. Nerve Supply. You can live 5 minutes without oxygen, you can live 3 days without water and you can go 3 weeks without food but you can’t live for one second without nerve supply directly from your brain that causes you heart to beat, causes your  lungs to intake oxygen and coordinates every other function that keeps you alive and well.

You must have your spine checked every 7-10 days for stress-induced misalignments that result in nerve pressure and subsequent body systems malfunctions. Only a Chiropractor can perform this. Without 100% nerve supply, all efforts at improving health are essentially wasted.  Don’t let back or neck pain dictate whether or not you address this. If you wait for pain to show up, you waited too long. Just like a toothache.

Things that essentially kill you are called TOXINS.

Avoid toxins by eliminating anything with sugar, anything not organic, artificial anything, any commercial dairy except for raw milk/cheese, virtually all oils and sodium.

Following the above has been proven to reverse cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Sample Daily Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Blended smoothie with kale, Teaspoon of coconut oil, whey protein powder and ½ cup of blueberries.

Lunch: Wild-caught grilled salmon on organic spinach with organic extra virgin olive oil and balsamic  vinegar dressing

Dinner: Grass Fed Beef steak with spinach sautéed in coconut oil.

Snacks: Raw nuts, berries and Granny Smith apples.

BONUS: Perform 60 minutes of low-impact aerobic exercise daily and perform a 10 minute meditation morning and night. Meditation can consist of prayer, silent reflection or of recounting anything and everything you have gratitude for.

Supplements: You can only obtain the highest-quality supplements from a Health Professional. Be sure to take the following daily:

  1. Omega 3 supplement.
  2. Probiotic for immune function.
  3. Vitamin D3.
  4. Whole food multi-vitamin.